Do not do Duplication of work in Excel or any other Software, Now Manage your Housing Society Accounts & reports  for Tally ERP 9 is a highly interactive Co-operative Housing Society TDL.

It’s provide innovative software solutions for Co-operative Housing Society to keep updated details about the Members of the society Complete accounting Structure can be maintained and customised according to any Society.

Housing Society Module in Tally ERP.9 Features are following.

  1. Simple to configure.
  2. Auto maintenance bill generation with single command.
  3. Bill generation for any period.
  4. Auto interest calculation as applicable.
  5. Supplementary bill creation.
  6. Multiple & Single bill printing facility.
  7. Combine format of bill and receipt.
  8. Society Parameters for Billing
  9. Monthly / Quarterly / Half Yearly / Yearly Billing

Report are available..

  1. Member Register.
  2. Bill Register.
  3. Income & Expenditure.
  4. Member Summery.
  5. Nominee Register.
  6. Form J
  7. Form I
  8. Audit Report.
  9. Maintenance Register
  10. Income & Expense Register
  11. Many other reports related to Accounts. 

 Multi Society: Housing Society for Tally ERP 9 can be made used for more then one Society i.e. separate data can be maintained for your different setup and different location or within the same location. Can also take care of any number of Group Society.