What is the Tally voucher authorization module? Today the modern ERPs for day to day operations is increasing constantly. Consequently, the requirement to make such software more and more foolproof also goes up. Requirements to inculcate the procedures earlier used during previous manual systems also come up. Tally voucher authorization module is a step in this direction only. It is a must for any company which wants to ensure that the data entry operator has entered everything correctly. They also want a senior to verify and authorize all entries or a particular type of entries done.

Tally voucher authorization module is an add-on where the transaction appears in the books of accounts only after authentication by an authorized person. This advanced module is mainly for companies with multiple accountants with hierarchy. In this system of approval, the data operator only enters a voucher and it is sent for approval to a higher authority. This higher authority will do the actual voucher verification and authentication of the transaction. Only after this approval, the voucher reflects in the company’s books of accounts. It is possible to set such a workflow or process of authorization through this maker checker module.

What do you get in Tally Voucher AUTHORIZATION Module?

  • Authorization Report: Given to creator, verified  and authorize of Transaction
  • Transaction status report: The user can check the status of a transaction created by him in this report.
  • Bulk Authorization: Authorize multiple transactions at one shot.
  • Transaction Authorization Trail: When used along with the audit trail module, the system provides the trail of changes done in the transaction from the time of creation until the approval of entry.

If you are looking for multi-level authorization, you could consider our module