Whenever documents are needed, they are either never there or they cant be found, because no one can manage everything . You are good at doing business and we are good at helping you run it smoothly by managing all your documents. Easy to search features and cataloguing them the right way gives you full control over what document you may need at any time.

Document Management System aid in attaching several files and documents to the invoices and ledgers, so they can be easily found when at the time of requirement. Management of all documents at one place saves time. The documents can be linked with the transactions that help users in quick as well as easy viewing, verification and printing.

Advantages of the module:

  • Multiple documents and files can be attached in ledger & all transactions that ensures their easy finding.
  • The attachments can be opened and viewed by the users, linked to the voucher transaction from Reports.
  • Different types of files can be attached in the financial transaction like Excel(xls, xlsx), word (doc, docx), Images(jpg), Adobe(pdf) etc
  • The admin posses the entire rights and can allow access of attachment facility to the users.